Monday, 29 June 2009

Lewis work experience

From the 16th of June until the 3rd July Lewis Delaney did his work experience at Ryedale Folk Museum. Along the way he has learnt a lot about the museum and history side of things. He also had an insight into the communication side of a business by taking part in meetings and talking to new faces. This is particularly important at Ryedale Folk Museum as there are many volunteers, each different every day. His confidence in tasks and answering questions has increased and he always offered support to staff and visitors alike.

This is Lewis giving a brief account about his two weeks experience here at the museum.

On my first day I nervously approached the entrance to find it was shut. I was terrified I had got the wrong time and was going to make a terrible impression on my first day. However two volunteers who were working that day saw me, and asked if I was doing my work experience. They showed me the way into the building, they were very willing and kind. I was shown around the museum, as I hadn't been before. This was very beneficial as I learnt a lot in the first half hour about the museum, things like where to go, and who works where and also about the history of the buildings and how they have been preserved.

Later on at 10.30 the school arrived and I was all set to learn a bit more about the museum and what happened during a normal day. I joined up with a group and firstly did cruck construction, the children had to make a Tudor style A-frame known as a cruck. Next we went into one of my favourite parts of the museum, which was the Crofters Cottage .This is definitely worth a visit, it really sends you back in time and makes you realise just how hard things would be for the average Tudor in England.

I followed the school around for the rest of the day and learnt about Tudor handwriting and also medicine. The key thing I learned from the day was meeting new staff and spending time with each one which really helped me settle in. After the school went I did some small but important jobs for people and I thoroughly enjoyed my first day.

On the second day I was more confident as I now knew a few people. I went to the Manor House to meet Wendy who I was helping for the day. We got set up and ready for the school who were again doing a Tudor day. In the morning Wendy and I were doing the cruck with the children, they thoroughly enjoyed it. I did too, I helped the children where they got stuck on the construction. All the teachers were very appreciative of my help which made me feel very valuable and important. I stayed with Wendy for the rest of the day and helped tidy up after the school had gone. I learnt today that there are many jobs that are time consuming but go unnoticed by people. Little things like putting wheat out and pricing things for sale in the shop.

I really settled in well in the first two days, everyone made me feel so welcome. I was meant to have a meeting with Mike and people from York University but it was cancelled. This was unfortunate, as I was really looking forward to talking to them, and understanding more about the business side of things at the museum. My third day was spent on a project which was chosen for me as I had expressed my interest in sports.

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