Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Richard's Work Experience

From the 29th June to the 10th July Richard Bowman is doing work experience
at the Ryedale Folk Museum. On my first day I had a bit of trouble finding the way in but,
Lewis Delaney, another lad who is doing work experience here, showed me where to get in when I came in for the first time. I was a little nervous but as I had met nearly all of the staff I soon
was settled in. Lewis showed me around the different places where we
would be doing activities and other projects over my work experience fortnight.

On my first day of work experience was to get to know the museum
and the staff. I dressed as a Victorian and I assisted with a group of year 2
school children, with the Victorian wash day. Later on in the day I fed the
pigs, had a practice on how to blog so I was filming and prepared some things
for rug making.

On my second day I was ready do the activities with the
schools that were coming in for an Iron Age themed day. I did Daubing on the Iron Age round house, with three groups of primary school children from Middlesbrough I then helped to prepare a learning session for tomorrow with another group of school children.

The third day of my work experience.There are some more schools in the museum today and they all dressed up in Victorian dress, and did Victorian based activities like making butter, wash clothes and Victorian chores. When the schools had gone home and some of the visitors had left Bex had her history club in, Lewis ran it for her on ancient sport which he had researched earlier on in the week. Today was the warmest day yet and I have a feeling its going to get hotter folks.

Day four of work experience, today the museum held a Stig of the Dump day for school from Cleveland. We built a den for stig out of wattle and daub, bows and arrows, drew cave drawings on the wall of the round house.The children made their own charcoal for this. We even had our very own Stig. They all had a great time and so did I. To top the day off I cleaned the buckets from the daub. (I volunteered to do that job as well, silly me!!!)

Picture of Stig and Barney. from the TV series and book Stig of the dump

Day five started warm and just before dinner it started raining !!TORRENTIAL!! Due to that, Wendy and I who was running the crofters cottage today for a primary school had to cut it short as the cottage was semi flooded. So we went into the Manor House and spoke about the building and how it was used. When the rain water had settled in the middle of the green there was a big bump in it but someone popped it which reduced in size like a big blister. At the end of the day like most days, I did a few odd jobs around the museum. So much for the hot weat

At the end of this first week of my work experience I have gained in confidence and new knowledge. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week and I am going to enjoy my second week as I might be changing the displays in the dry seating area and working in archives.

It's the start of another week at Ryedale folk museum and today was a bit more interesting than walking around and assisting with the schools. I was cataloging and archiving today at mid day a fellow member of staff and I put a display together ready for Thursday when we go to Malton hospital to put it up.

The second day of the second week - I was researching activities for the 'Festival of British Archaeology' so I wrote a quiz and put together a word search. Again I did some odd jobs around the museum.

On Wednesday the girls who are on a work placement and I made up a trail for the the FBA- (Festival of British Archaeology) and produced a certificate for the Kirkbymoorside Beavers. We also made a prototype tractor for the weekend.

Thursday - Helen and I prepared some objects for the TIC (Tourist Information Centre) and some objects for the enterprise day next Wednesday to go in some feel boxes for the children. After dinner Helen and I went to Malton Hospital to change the displays today - was great.

Friday, the last day of work experience today. I helped the costume dept identify all but one of the scout badges on the Boy Scout uniform. I cleared all the nettles from the chicken coop and did bits and bobs on the gardens around the museum ready for the judging.

I have really enjoyed being here at the museum and hope to come back in the summer. I have learned so many different skills from Victorian washing techniques to communication skills. I feel that I have grown in confidence and have gained friends during the process.

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