Thursday, 4 June 2009

World War 2 Returns To Hutton-le-Hole

Women's Land Army 2009 represented by Ryedale Education Manager Becky aboard the Museum's 1940's Fordson.

World War 2 Fortnight is now well into the first week. Air-raids, evacuees and the Home Guard will all be present at various times. The Home Guard and more will be reenacted by the UK Homefront group, they can be found at: . Over 100 reenactors will be present over the coming weekend.

Here are a few photos of the proceedings today. We have had schoolchildren dressed as evacuees and experiencing life during the Second World War. Emma, one of the Education Managers at the museum is seen here dressed authentically as a munitions worker.
The photograph above is of teacher Mr Thompson, who was wearing an excellent 1940's style suit, anyone remember Private Walker from Dad's Army?

Jim Wood in this picture is teaching schoolchildren how to make pegs for hayrakes. He even brought his vintage Triumph Motorcycle Combination.
John Lawson was in the village shop and post office for the day, teaching people about rationing and what life was like during the war, having to do without things like chocolate, which today we all take for granted.

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