Saturday, 11 July 2009

Stig of the dump day. John Lawson

In June I got a phone call from Mike “can we do Stig of the dump.” Stig of the dump, I learned, is a children’s book and film, often taught in schools. Stig is a stone age man marooned in our time and found living in a den in an old quarry by a group of children, “of course we can do Stig of the dump.” Whitecliffe Primary School arrived at the museum two weeks later and we made Stig’s den behind the roundhouse. Andy would have made a perfect Stig but refused to wear the rabbit skin loincloth, but he did help the children make some charcoal, and they used it to make stone age drawings in the roundhouse. After lunch they daubed the den with mud and made and tested bows and arrows. Finally after showing Stig his new home the children recreated the flint and watch scene from the book. Exhausted after a busy day some of the children fell asleep on the bus home. Well done Whitecliffe School.

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