Thursday, 29 October 2009

Potatoes and Halloween

This week we have had plenty of activities including rug making and painting. Traditionally, this half-term week was one where children could earn some extra pocket money picking potatoes. At the museum we have been cooking potatoes, potato printing and using spud guns.

On Sunday 31st October we will be having the Halloween Party with games, stories and plenty more. Ring us for more details, 01751 417367 and come and join in the fun.

Friday, 23 October 2009

David Ruch will be coming to the museum this Sunday (25th October) -1300-1500, he engages the audience with his music and storytelling.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Apprentice V

I have now successfully been able to do my voluntary work without having distractions, ie. parties.In the past I have been asked to do some voluntary work but haven't been able to, so now I have decided that it would be better if I did help!

I helped Andy open a Gallery exhibition on Friday evening and it was great fun !! I didn't do much but, Andy said I was a great help which made me proud.

But that isn't all the voluntary work I'll ever do ...

Saturday, 17 October 2009

An Evening of Dance, Music, Storytelling and Fun!

Nearly New - a 103 Falling Birds Production came to the museum this weekend. Audience Members were treated to a performance featuring live musicians, and all kinds of story-telling and prize giving antics.The event was held in the Manor House on site in the museum, a wonderful setting for such an imaginitive, surreal and lively performance. Audience member Sue described the event as "like having an old fashioned childrens story book come to life."

Carrie Gough

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Apprentice IV

Help open up museum (as usual) – you know what that insists of.
· Hoover up and clean front desk and the shop.
· Stock up the shop and do the float for the till.
· Open doors to the public (2 minuets to 10 o’clock).

I have been able to set up and get ready for school groups with Bex and Emma that are booked in for the day to learn a different activity. (Just so happens that today is Iron-age day)

Also I am now known as ‘the guy that can light a simple fire as the rest of the crew cant’ guy!!

We have lots of fires in the buildings all around the museum and we light them if we are going to have special visitors round and teach children, just to give you a feeling of how it would have been if you were in those ages and conditions… Plus it also keeps us warm!!

When we have loads of kids up we have to split them up into groups, and this also helps the Education team as they could not be able to teach round 60 children at one time, also they can teach the children different activities rather than the education team learning only one and just focusing on that one in particular.

Apprentice III

Opening the Museum is very quick if you get to know your way around, firstly I have mentioned the fact that I open Fat Betty’s on numerous occasions, and I have had to make that my new priority of the museum. What a way to go!!
I have had to sort out the store room and price loads of gifts for the shop. This sometimes can get extremely senseless as it takes allot of time.

Just as opening something you have to close it so another priority that I have is also the fact that I have to close Fat Betty’s and this includes; cleaning the drinks machine, turning off the lights ( cupboards and roof), also I do, do the sweeping,
and also I clean out the bin.
Then at the end of the day I help lock up the museum.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Coffin Talk

Coffins. The badge used by the Lyke Wake Walk Club (and the New Lyke Wake Walk Club) is one of a coffin. here at Ryedale Folk Museum, we have a funeral bier and a horse-drawn hearse. John Nicoll, museum volunteer was involved in the restoration of the bier, read about it here at:

This post has attracted viewers from all over the globe, and has been linked to a forum called Coffin Talk. This is a message board for funeral directors, mortuary science students,and those with a morbid curiosity. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to John Nicoll for creating a very interesting post that many others have also found interesting.

Coffin Talk can be accessed at:

Jonathan Severs

Nearly New

Nearly New is an excellent production that will be staged at Ryedale Folk Museum on Friday October 17th at 7.30 pm. This will take the audience through enchanting memories, long lost stories and entertaining moments. Adults £4, concessions £2.
Have a look at the 103 Falling Birds website (photograph accessed at this source).

Work Experience

This is a digital story clip about Ryedale Folk Museum. I had a very exciting time on my visit and hope you will enjoy yourself, if you come here, too. I have learned so much on my visit. For example, I have taken part in the making of this digital story clip, by putting music to it and taking pictures. It has improved my confidence, my experience of life in a job and the way I work in a team. It's that good that I don't want to go back to school. I hope to come again soon and highly reccommend it. - Declan Suddaby

Throughout my week at Ryedale Folk Museum, I learned lots of new skillls, for example learnt how to use some digital story software. I have enjoyed this week greatly and wish that it was longer. During the week , we worked as a team to produce this digital story, this meant we hads to work as a team, and listen to everyones opinions, this was a valied experience. I hope to come back soon - Megan Robinson

During my time at Ryedale Folk Museum we created a museum advert, it was great fun. I also learnt skills to do with movie software. I also improved myself confidence! I really enjoyed everything we did throughout the week including helping with a school trip, it was a great experience. Only wish I could stay for two weeks instead of one! Thanks for having me!- Catherine Smith

Unlike the other three, I have only been at Ryedale Folk Museum for two days, as I have been on another placement. But despite the shortness of the placement, I have had a lot of fun, and I have learnt lots. I didn't know very much about the museum advert, as it was practically finished when I arrived, but I did help a little bit with the cutting and editing. Not much, but a little. I just wish we had another week of work experience, as I don't want to back to school because of all the fun I've had. For the first three days of this week, I have been to the York Archaeological Trust, and that has been an amazing experience! It's been a once in a lifetime opportunity! All I can say is thank you so much for accepting me, and thank you for everything I've learnt! - Emily Rhodes

Friday, 2 October 2009

Threshing Day October 4th 2009

From Ryedale Folk Museum Archive & Collection

On Sunday October 4th we are having a threshing day at Ryedale Folk Museum. The thresher is a Marshall and was restored by staff and volunteers, come along and have a look. This is just part of a good collection of tractors and implements the museum has from days gone by.