Thursday, 15 October 2009

Apprentice IV

Help open up museum (as usual) – you know what that insists of.
· Hoover up and clean front desk and the shop.
· Stock up the shop and do the float for the till.
· Open doors to the public (2 minuets to 10 o’clock).

I have been able to set up and get ready for school groups with Bex and Emma that are booked in for the day to learn a different activity. (Just so happens that today is Iron-age day)

Also I am now known as ‘the guy that can light a simple fire as the rest of the crew cant’ guy!!

We have lots of fires in the buildings all around the museum and we light them if we are going to have special visitors round and teach children, just to give you a feeling of how it would have been if you were in those ages and conditions… Plus it also keeps us warm!!

When we have loads of kids up we have to split them up into groups, and this also helps the Education team as they could not be able to teach round 60 children at one time, also they can teach the children different activities rather than the education team learning only one and just focusing on that one in particular.
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