Friday, 9 October 2009

Work Experience

This is a digital story clip about Ryedale Folk Museum. I had a very exciting time on my visit and hope you will enjoy yourself, if you come here, too. I have learned so much on my visit. For example, I have taken part in the making of this digital story clip, by putting music to it and taking pictures. It has improved my confidence, my experience of life in a job and the way I work in a team. It's that good that I don't want to go back to school. I hope to come again soon and highly reccommend it. - Declan Suddaby

Throughout my week at Ryedale Folk Museum, I learned lots of new skillls, for example learnt how to use some digital story software. I have enjoyed this week greatly and wish that it was longer. During the week , we worked as a team to produce this digital story, this meant we hads to work as a team, and listen to everyones opinions, this was a valied experience. I hope to come back soon - Megan Robinson

During my time at Ryedale Folk Museum we created a museum advert, it was great fun. I also learnt skills to do with movie software. I also improved myself confidence! I really enjoyed everything we did throughout the week including helping with a school trip, it was a great experience. Only wish I could stay for two weeks instead of one! Thanks for having me!- Catherine Smith

Unlike the other three, I have only been at Ryedale Folk Museum for two days, as I have been on another placement. But despite the shortness of the placement, I have had a lot of fun, and I have learnt lots. I didn't know very much about the museum advert, as it was practically finished when I arrived, but I did help a little bit with the cutting and editing. Not much, but a little. I just wish we had another week of work experience, as I don't want to back to school because of all the fun I've had. For the first three days of this week, I have been to the York Archaeological Trust, and that has been an amazing experience! It's been a once in a lifetime opportunity! All I can say is thank you so much for accepting me, and thank you for everything I've learnt! - Emily Rhodes

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