Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Museum's Halloween Party

I spent two happy afternoons last week carving pumpkins in readiness for the museum's halloween party. Needless to say, I only had time to quickly carve one for my own gate post at home!
Having safely delivered all eight pumpkin lanterns on Friday I was left to ponder what to dress up as for the big night itself. I decided on lots of black and an old blanket for a shawl with severe black make up. With a basket of apples, my old crone outfit was complete.
On arrival at the museum on Saturday evening Mike instructed me to frighten the children by jumping out at them in the dark as they were escorted up the site to the story teller. I hid behind a coffin, I am not sure how scared the children were, but it was great fun and my cackling gave me a sore throat.
During the evening, I managed to take some very atmospheric photographs, I hope that they convey the sense of fun and hard work that went in to making what was a very enjoyable evening for all of the visitors, staff and volunteers alike.

Sue Gough
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