Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Ryedale Calling Ecuador

Ryedale Calling Ecuador was an evening event held at the museum as part of the current family learning project. A live Skype-Video weblink was established allowing families from Ryedale to communicate directly with families from Ecuador. This was an opportunity to learn about the differences and similarities between our cultures. We discovered we share many traditions such as Christmas Carols and a similar Father Christmas tradition. There were also many differences such as national dress, food, wildlife and schooling among others. For some highlights of the night click on the videos below.

One of the participants, Declan, was kind enough to bring his guitar and played some Christmas songs to those in Ecuador. The video below is of an improvised version of 'silent night', a song the Ecuador families knew in Spanish. To end the night the families in Ryedale and the families in Ecuador joined together to sing a few verses of 'We Wish you a Merry Christmas' led by Declan on the guitar.

Some photographs were sent from Ecuador to educate Ryedale families about life in South America. Some photographs of local life in Ryedale and from the museums collection, were sent to Ecuador in exchange. See the Ecuador photographs below, including some drawings that children in Ecuador drew for us.

Carrie Gough

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