Monday, 25 January 2010

Apprentice 2, II

Sorry folks for not writing in a long time but I have been busy!!

Recently I have been to the Bradford college and, got to know the surroundings around me.

Over the past few weeks I have opened up the museum, got to know the different sets of keys and what they are used for, i have also learnt recently, how to open up the actual site with the Master set of keys.

When I am at work I have been doing lots of different jobs such as; Front of House (on my own), as well as doing a bit of my own work with college. David has been helping me get up to the same stage as him, so we can help each other and discuss our different opinions.

I have been on a 'Customer Care course' and have found it useful and have taken many notes for college. This will be useful for Evidence. - I have also already done a Customer Care course and I achieved the highest standard in my class.

David and I cleaned out the office, and you would have to have a strong gut to do it, as it was a hard job. We both felt good about our achievement. (It is very clean now!!)
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