Monday, 18 January 2010

Apprentice VI

Well its another year, and another day.

Happy New Year to all readers.

In the fall of winter the museum was covered in 12 inches of pure snow, which made access to the museum virtualy imposible. Hutton-Le-Hole was a beautiful place when the snow was fresh, but now we all hate how ugly it all looks when it is all slushy, but it helps us; as with the snow out of the way, we can have the public hopefully streaming in.

Well here is a catch up on somethings missed out previously:

Firstly we have a new boar pig called 'Hamish' who is a softy, but likes the ladies!
Secondly there are a few new volunteers towards the Museum - but don't worry we still need more!
If you are interested please contact Barbara Bennett at the Museum, (
Thirdly we are looking to extend a welcome to car and motorcycle clubs and hoping that they will use us as a venue for their rallies.

Scarbourough College have put up at display of their A Level Art work and some of the class are doing Diploma and Foundation work to appy to get into Universtiy. They have all tried so hard with their efforts and it has realy made them prove themsleves of their work.

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