Thursday, 28 January 2010

Apprentice VII

Yesterday I when to College with Emma, and we had a great time.
We get the 7:37 train from Malton to York and change over to the Bradford Interchange train. The annoying thing about the train is that we have to wait 20 minutes to get on, but on the positive side we have time to get a bite to eat.

Sometimes we go to the Bradford City Training Services and others we go to Bradford College.

Yesterday we were at the City Training Services.

It is great when we are in Bradford because we are able to socialise with others around us.

There are people like us who are doing different courses in the same class as us. We have made some good friends there and are going to make more i should think as there are some new people joining. The different Apprentices there are all to do with creativity, as the City Training Services provide a course for different Apprentices combined together. There are Apprentices doing courses on Gallery Management, Museum Directory, Media Management, Theatrical Management and many more.

It is a great opportunity for the Apprentices to work together as a team to compare work with each other and get information that may be useful in their own place of work.
Yesterday we were given our folders to start our Portfolio on our work. Emma and I had already started our folders for college, so we made a simple transaction to switching the papers into the correct folder. This also makes us ahead of the rest of the group so next month we can help those with sorting out their files into the correct divisions.
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