Thursday, 18 March 2010

Apprentice XI

Recently we have done a hygiene course, and we have just got our certificates now and have found out we have passed, :) yay!!

Emma and I have been to Beck Isle Museum, and we took over on their 'Day Of Celebration' - That was FUN!! (good memories there)
Erm, Mike says we are snakes because I said that their displays are better, but then I realised that they weren't... they were only different because with theirs they can be looked at and seen, ours we take the risk of trusting people to be careful as they look and touch it.

I have been helping Emma Boyes with her Easter Event and that WAS FUN! She has been trying very hard to get people in but everyone seems to have family over to stay so she is finding it hard! - but i think it will be a great 2 weeks!!
Emma has asked me to do some cooking in the 'Crofters Cottage' and i dunno what to cook? I'm thinking of doing something simple like a stew or somethin' especially as i haven't been in there before.

What else has been going on...
Emma and I asked Maureen Wass (Office Manager/ Mother of the Museum) if we could sort out the stores, and she did not even hesitate when we asked! So we got that out of the way really quickly! and now it looks amazing, the floor looks cleaner, the shelves look as though they are actually used, and everything is now labeled. :)

We have done some front of house work, and gotten to grips with our ability to master the till!!!!

Our Tutor - Rolf, came to us on a Saturday, and I was still in bed when he called, because he got the wrong date!! But Oh well?!?!?!

Emma and I have cleaned out the 'Study Centre' cabinet.... WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!

More later guys, D&E XX
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