Monday, 29 March 2010

Apprentice XII

I have been finding it very hard to think of things to do on the spot... so I have asked Emma (my supervisor) if I can do a work sheet and write in the things I have to do each day - this was such a good idea that Bex (Emma's supervisor) made Emma do the same... now I'm not walking in circles to think of things to do.

Recently I have been helping Emma with her Easter Events and trying to ring different people to see if they could come and help us, and if so what days they can do, etc.

I have sent some leaflets with a signed off letter, saying that the museum was sorry for the delay of not receiving any leaflets.

I have started to research some Tudor Games and Victorian Games, for when a school group comes down and shows its interests in something to do over the lunch break.
It is something for the kids to learn over the lunch break, and also it keeps them entertained over the hour.
This involves; Hopscotch, Pigs Bladder Football, Marbles, charades and many many more...

I am still going on with the research for the crofters cottage, and haven't got very far, but I am still going on, and all I have is the garden nearly finished. (but thats a start)

The Bric-a-Brac is still out and we are desperatly trying to get rid of it all, as we always get so much given to us as a donation.

will write back when something new happens,
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