Friday, 16 July 2010

After a long night Edd awoke to a wonderful smell in the air. "What is this" he thought to himself. Adam had got up early to start making fresh bread. Adam was a superb chef and had considered going into the restaurant business. After a good breakfast of bread and ale Edd was ready to start his morning business.
Unfortunately Edd had been round to Mike's the night before and had eaten some dodgy chicken pie and so the morning business took longer than usual.

After hearing Edd shouting Adam decides to make him something that will cheer him up. Adam decides a hat would be the best thing to cheer Edd up so he set to making the perfect hat. to do this Adam needed to use the loom and spinning machines.After a traumatic ordeal Edd finally arrived back at the house. he was very surprised to see a new hat waiting for him. He loved the style of the hat although there was a little problem, it didn't fit over his Afro. Never the less the morning chores had to be done. Adam headed off to the cowshed to milk the cows whilst Edd stayed and swept the floor.

Next Adam went off for his morning lessons about how to keep chickens efficiently. After a long boring morning at school Lieutenant Colonel Parker turned up to tell Adam about a life in the army.
Adam was amazed by some of the things Parker had said and couldn't wait to join. Adam ran home as fast as he could and told Edd about Parker but Edd was having none of it, He wouldn't let Adam join the army and that was that.

Next Adam and Edd went house shopping, the first house they saw was perfect, except the currant occupant was a witch, who refused to leave, and then turned Edd into a Giant! The witch controlled all of Edd's movements and they began attacking houses but then Doris the gardener came along and hit the witch with some compost and all was well again. The houses were now to small for him to fit. Fortunately his size was only temporary, and soon he and Adam were back looking at houses. However this one did need a lot of work doing to it, which Edd was not prepared to do.
They decided to keep looking.

The next house was brilliant! It had lots of room for both Edd and Adam and their activities. However, Edd had gotten lost in the maze and could not find his way too the house. Although he did stumble across one which suited him perfectly! He even found a horse that could move him from place to place.

Adam wanted a pig for his garden to fatten up for summer, he saw a lovely runt in a field and stole it.
He made a big mistake and was taken off by the men of the law to the local stock were locals
threw cabbage and tomatoes at him. Edd came home late and soon saw what had happened, he needed to dispose of the pig and so ate it whole, what a hero indeed.

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