Sunday, 4 July 2010

Apprentice 1

Wow, I haven't done a blog in ages.
 Recently I have been fairly busy, well... busy enough not to do a blog!

We have just received good news. And that is that we have got our new placements for another two apprentice's and they will have such a great time here. :)

 I on the other hand... I have been delivering some schools. And doing other duties. such as college work and keeping the houses tidy, and doing errands. I am also helping to create a list of all the activities going on, in the summer Holidays. So look out for that!!

We had the 'Trike Rally' in today (3 - 4th July 2010) and yesterday, and they were such nice people. I was a little scared of talking to them, you know... their SKULL BANDANNAS and their LEATHER JACKETS and all their TATTOO'S and all that jazz, but when I got talking to some of them they had some really interesting stories to tell. And there bikes... well i should say trikes really hahaha, their TRIKES are amazing I couldn't imagine someone could as easily think of something so simple yet so advanced to be absolutely fascinating.

Anyway, I'll do my best to do more blogs, and hopefully see you in the museum sometime.
Thanks y'all :P
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