Friday, 16 July 2010

Hey everyone!

Summer is finally here. I am taking my weeks holiday next week. Can't wait!!! Of course I am going to miss working at the museum but I shall be back before you know it.

I have had another busy week. On Monday my tutor from college came. That went really well because we managed to get lots of things completed. On Tuesday David and myself went to college for the last time before summer. This was also good because we completed all the work needed and we just had lots of fun. We thought as it was our last time at college, we decided to go to the cinema.

On Wednesday I was on front of house for a bit and I was also helping Emma and Wendy with a summer craft which will be taking place over the holidays. (Believe me its going to be fantastic!!!)

Thursday I was in Fat Betty's for a while again helping with the summer craft. I also started to do the signs for the Pirate event.

Today Emma and I have been to Kirbymoorside school for most of the day and there we did three science challenges which involved getting rather sticky. The three activities were making a tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti, making something which holds an egg and then trying them by dropping them on the floor to see if they would crack and the last activity was to learn how to juggle. No way am I an expert at juggling. However the main thing is that we all had fun!!!

See you all later.
If not have a fabulous summer!!!
Little Em
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