Friday, 16 July 2010

Work Experience at Ryedale Folk Museum - Edd and Adam

Day One, Monday 12th July 
Arriving at the museum we did not know what too expect however we were greeted very warmly by everyone here at the centre. Too start things off Helen gave us a quick whistle stop tour of all the exhibits and showed us her knowledge of each historical subject. Edd especially liked seeing all the animals around the museum.
After this we were shown how to catalogue all of the items that entered the museum, this process took time to accurately log the information required in the system. The information needed for each item included; identification, production, physical characteristics, inscriptions and markings, reproduction, condition, acquisition, ownership and last but not least location. After having a go ourselves, Helen then showed us both where items not currently on display were stored, we couldn't believe how many items the museum had that were stored.
A lady then came to the museum interested in borrowing some iron age artifacts. We were then shown the archeology store, which had a number of different iron age items, including an antler which had been modified for digging purposes and a perfect Beehive hand and quern stone commonly used by Romans for grinding corn.

Day Two, Tuesday 13th July
Arriving at the museum at 8:30 Emma issued us with the days main task, this involved ferrying school children from the centre to the village hall and then helping out with the different activities happening there. These activities included; science in your lunchbox which looked at different aspects of food including glucose free bread, how to make cheese and the effects on leaving fruit out. An archaeological activity run by people from the national park, this involved finding and taking care of fossils and how to stay safe whilst doing this. The final activity was one for Railway safety, presented by the national railway museum which looked at young peoples views on the railway and how to stay safe on the railway.

Day Three, Wednesday 14th July
On Wednesday Adam was attending a university open day so i was on my own. The first job of the day was to help Emma and Barbra open and setup Fat Betty's. after this i went to help the other Emma in the education centre. There i had to restock packs for school children to use when they come to the center. After this i helped make some face masks for a children's activity day in summer. In the afternoon i was asked to run fat Betty's for a while, whilst doing this i got talking to some of the customers form all over the world who were exchanging stories of times gone past. Before i went there was one last task for me to to, take Jim the dog for a walk.

 Day Four, Thursday 15th July
Today was the day, the judges for the In bloom contest were to judge the museum. To start the day we swept all the stones off the paths and back to the gravel area. After we got the paths looking good we went and did some more on the archives with Helen, we had an interesting certificate to archive which was from the amalgamated society of carpenters and joiners form nearly 100 years ago it was made of card but we didn't want to damage it so we wore cotton gloves. After we had finished the records we started to take photos for a comedy blog we had been asked to make then we started making it.
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