Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Apprentice 2

Hey Everyone!

Last week Mike and I travelled down to Birmingham for an Apprenticeship Conference.

Before Mike came to collect me I was sat watching the Jeremy Kyle Show. (BEST DAY TIME TV!!!) It was about 10.30am so I turned the TV off and I got myself ready. I then looked out of the window and I saw a red car outside. I was like... nice Birmingham here we come!!!
When we were sat in the car Mike said 'Don't say: Are we there yet?'
We had been travelling for about one hour and a half so we stopped off somewhere for something to eat as we felt rather hungry. We went to Burger King. After we had eaten we had to get some petrol, but we had forgot to get some when we came out and Mike only realised when we were driving on the motorway. We didn't have enough petrol to get us to the next services place so we had to go back to the place where we had just eaten. At this point Mike called himself a muppet!!!
After we had got the petrol we were on our way again. We were driving past Sheffield and I got a text message on my phone and it was from my mum. She said: Are you nearly there? Then I said: No we are just going past Sheffield. Then my mum said: Ooh is Meatloaf there? She asked this because we are going to see Meatloaf himself in December at Sheffield. CAN'T WAIT!!!
A couple of hours later we managed to get into Birmingham. It was rather busy. We wanted to see if we could find our hotel at about 2' 0 clock but we seemed to have got lost finding it. There was someone walking so we pulled over and said: Excuse me, could you tell us where to find Waterloo Street. Premier Inn Hotel.
A few minutes later we had found our hotel but there was no parking spaces. So Mike pulled up outside the hotel and asked the receptionist the best place to park the car. On the way here we drove past a multi story car park so we went in assuming we were able to park over night. We went to see the parking attendant person and Mike asked him: Can we park here over night? He said: No. (Mike does a great impression of him by the way.) The man said nothing else.
So when Mike came out of the hotel we looked at the car park list and you wouldn't believe it but there was the car park which we went in on the list so we just stayed overnight in the car park where we had just came from.
At this time it was about 14.50pm. We got checked into the hotel and I just laid flat out on the bed. Talk about comfy beds!!! While I was sitting in my room I rang my family up saying that we had got down to Birmingham safely. While I was talking to them I was trying to put the tele on but I couldn't. I was like it can't be rocket science but a few hard minutes I managed to get it working.  It got to about 16.55pm so Mike and I went down to meet a lady who Mike knows. Sam the person who we met had an interview that day and she got it. We said CONGRATULATIONS!!! So we went out for something to eat at an Indian place. I was allowed to have a couple of vodka cocktails but I wasn't allowed to get too drunk because I would be hung over the next morning. After we had eaten Sam took us to a Jazz club in town. That was good to experience because I had never been to a Jazz band before.
It was about 11.00pm. I went into my room, got my pyjamas on and went straight to bed. The next morning I woke up at about 7.15am. I got dressed and then I got all my stuff packed and ready to be taken to the car. Mike and I went down for breakfast. I had a big bowl of porridge and Mike had the good old full english breakfast. (I really can't stand full english breakfasts!!!) After breakfast we took all the stuff to the car and then we went to find the place where the conference took place. It was only about 9.00am and the conference didn't start till 10am - 10.30am but we still went in and we did some finishing touches to our presentation. 10.30am came round very quickly and the conference had started. I think I ate too much the night before because I felt really sick or it might have been just nerves. Our talk wasn't until after lunch so that gave us enough time just in case we wanted to change our presentation slightly and I also had enough time to chill out a bit. After lunch there was a couple more speakers before our talk and I was really relaxed now. A bit nervous but I was really excited at the same time. It finally got to 14.25pm. It was our turn!!! Mike went up first to do his talk and go through the presentation. Before giving the talk Mike managed to get his joke in. 'What's the difference between a camera and a sock?' Mike talked about the Apprentices and giving the opportunity to young people. He also talked about what its like to work with young people. A few slides on it had got to my radio speech. This is the one I recorded at Minster FM talking about our May Day event. At the end of that everyone applauded and said well done!!! I wrapped up the conference by doing my speech as I was the final speaker. I talked about what the apprenticeship has done to me, what jobs I do and I finished off with a bit of a twist. I said to them all: 'If anyone has any dreams they wish to follow, I say go for it because you only live once and there is the whole wide world out there. Don't let anything or anyone stop you. When I had finished my speech people applauded and said well done. That is a great way to end the conference. Also a woman came to see me and she said: I have come to shake your hand and say thank you very much. You have really inspired me. I was smiling so much because I can't believe I had gone down to Birmingham and do a speech in front of lots of other really important people. It was just amazing. I thank Mike and everyone else who works at the museum for giving me this chance to be myself and they have given me so much support. So thank you Ryedale Folk Museum!!! If anyone would like to ask any questions feel free. I will do my best to answer them for you.
Thank you everyone again.
Little Em.
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