Monday, 14 February 2011

Apprentice 2

Hey everyone,

It has been rather busy here at Ryedale Folk Museum. We have had our free Valentine's event and that was fantastic. I really had a good time and i'm sure all the visitors had fun too. Considering the coldish weather we managed to get over 400 visitors.
Mark and I were cooking in Stang End and that was good because we had the fire to keep us warm!!!
My mum and sister also came along and they were in the Sweet Shop. They also had a good time because they were able to speak to the customers and also get to know other volunteers.
Overall I found this day really enjoyable because there were enough activities for everyone and we all had a good time.

Last week Mike, Mark and myself went to the York Art Gallery. I found this visit interesting because we were able to speak to other people who work in the museum business and also we saw David Hockney's amazing picture 'Bigger trees near warter.'
Sir Nicholas Serota, director of the Tate museum in London was also at the gallery. I felt really privileged to be there because its not everyday you go to an Art Gallery and see the director of a fantastic museum in London!! Yes it was a really good day.

Little em
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