Friday, 25 March 2011

More of the Wainds

Whilst researching in the museum's library today anything to do with Bert Frank (Ryedale Folk Museum's founder I stumbled a cross the 1890 edition of the Bulmer's History & Directory of North Yorkshire.
The entire contents are accessible online;

Similar to a census it provides a valuable insight to life in the region at that particular time.

Here is an extract of some trades people from Hutton-le-Hole, p.908;

Baxter, Thomas, tanner
Clark, James, joiner
Cole, Joseph, bootmaker
Pateman, Pennock, birdstuffer
Stephenson, Mark, tailor

The Waind's do get a mention on p.906, John is entered as a farmer at Ankness Farm, East Bransdale.Other tradespeople include;
Duck, S, joiner and wheelwright at Lofthouse
Fawbart, Robert, gamekeeper
Lancaster, John, schoolmaster
Teasdale, Robert, huckster

The remarkable difference between 1890 and present day are the number of people who are skilled in their profession. The small rural communities before the advent of the motor car would be very reliant on local tradespeople, will things revert back to how they once were with the surge in fuel prices?

Jonathan S
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