Monday, 21 May 2012

The Dialect Questionnaire at Ryedale Folk Museum

The Dialect Questionnaire is a student language project conducted at Ryedale Folk Museum in partnership with the University of Leeds Dialect Studies Course.

When and where? The project was located in the Manor House at Ryedale Folk Museum for 3 weeks from Tuesday 27 March to Wednesday 18 April 2012. Visitors were asked what words they would use for some common things - eg a stream, feeling hungry, having a headache etc.

What happened? 158 respondents completed the questionnaire. Thank you very much to everyone who took the time and effort to take part!

What happens next? The results of the questionnaire will be posted on this website. Please pop back and check out the results later this week!
If you missed it, this is what the project is all about: I am Christina Hughes, an English Language student at the University of Leeds. I am interested in mapping words to regions in England. My questionnaire focuses on the variety of words used for a range of concepts. The concepts are related to the Village Store, the Chemist, and the water course at Ryedale Folk Museum.

The questions and multiple-choice answers were adapted from the Survey of English Dialects. The survey was conducted in the 1950/60s and is the most comprehensive survey of dialects in England to date. 

Special thanks to those who made this project possible: Kevin Simms, David Stockdale and Emma Colclough at Ryedale Folk Museum and Dr. Fiona Douglas at the University of Leeds.

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