Sunday, 17 February 2013

Half Term Children's Crafts & Activities Tomorrow

Are you struggling for something to do in the half-term break with the family?
Why not come to Ryedale Folk Museum for children's crafts and activities from  1000-1500hrs each weekday?
For further details ring us on 01751 417367

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Today At the Museum

It was a bit cold today at the museum, but we are always open for business whatever the weather. 
David and I made some more progress with the Lister hay turner, giving it a wire brush down and painting the wheels. John Nicoll came in to do some work on the windmill sails from the model village. David took some good photos of the model village, you'd nearly think it was full scale, not miniature with the snow.
David giving the Lister hayrake a coat of paint

Close up of gearbox, Lister Blackstone

John Nicoll busy restoring  model windmill sails

Model village in winter

Jonathan S

A Valentine's Day Affair At The Ryedale Folk Museum

MF 35

MF35 in museum workshop, David in background busy with hayturner

It was love at first sight  Kev will you behave?
I thought that this deserved a blog post of it's own - Kev's new love affair, his 1959/60 MF 35. it really is a nice tractor and in excellent condition. Wendy has now got competition for his affections, it's true, I got the photo to prove it heh heh.

Jonathan S

Restoration Projects From November 2012

Found these photos from Novermber of ongoing restoration of various implements at the museum and Kevin Sims and his office assistant.

Don't sit back Kev !

George finishing off the canopy of one of the museum's carts

George Nutt and Jonathan with the finished cart

Ransomes of Ipswich potato spinner gearbox

As above, we gave it a good coating of oil to prevent further deterioration and freed any seized components. 

Wendy with a 21st century wheelbarrow

John Nicoll & David Muncey wire brushing the Lister hayrake

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Barefoot Journey

Here’s a short film made with Hannah Fox, commissioned by 509 Arts with Lottery funding. We worked with young people from Gillamoor Primary School on the edge of the North Yorkshire moors to create a short film. The children walked from school over the moors to the Ryedale Folk Museum. A week later, we returned to help them create characters and a story drawn from their experience of the walk. The film was being screened daily at The Ryedale Folk Museum during Summer.