Sunday, 10 March 2013

Hayrakes Windmills & Weeds

Lister hayrake after first coat of red oxide
On Thursday 7th March I put the finishing touches to the first coast of paint on the Lister hayrake. we are a bit unsure what paint scheme to use next, if anyone knows please get in touch with the museum please.

Meanwhile in the Model Village  John Nicoll was busy installing a new motor to the windmill. John has done loads of work restoring the model village and maintaining it is a constant job.
John Nicoll busy installing the new motor for the windmill sails.
Just round the corner I found some people busy at work digging. Tom Normandale and Chris Wilson were busy preparing a new home for the Cornfield Flower Project. Chris told me a few things about the different types of nettle, how they usually find at least four varieties and how they would be much more abundant years ago before herbicides became commonplace.

Chris Wilson & Tom Normandale. Chris demonstrating how
the seeds from the cornfield flowers will land on the tidy kitchen garden

Jonathan S

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