Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Build your own Bird Box!

To celebrate our spring-watch themed holiday activities we are running a number of spring-watch themed features on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as our blog that you can get involved with. They include ‘5 Signs of Spring’, ‘Bird Week - watching & identifying’, ‘Egg Quiz’ and other discovery challenges.

Our first spring-watch blog is a tutorial put together by our workshop volunteers on how to make your own bird box. It is really simple so why not give it a go!

Step 1: Mark out your bird box pieces to the dimensions given.

Step 2: Cut out the pieces, using a hand saw, or alternatively a Bandsaw or Jigsaw. Be careful!

Step 3: When all pieces are cut out place them together to make sure they fit.

Step 4: Starting with the sides and back nail your pieces together. We recommend drilling pilot holes for your nails or screws to fall into, this will reduce the risk of your wood splitting!

 Step 5: Fix the bottom in place using the same method as the sides(pilot holes and screws)

Step 6: Put the front in place and mark where the entrance hole will go and where the edges meet, trim down if necessary (to make sure the lid is a snug fit) and fix in place.

Step 7: Using an old bicycle tyre, cut out a strip and tack it to the lid and onto the back piece to create a hinge. You could also use a normal hinge!

Step 8: Finally drill a hole in the front (birds entrance) and a small pilot hole in the top of the back piece (for fixing to a shed or tree). And your bird box is done!

We are trying to inspire children to enjoy the great outdoors and explore nature’s garden through a number of spring-watch themed activities. We are using our Easter holiday events to raise awareness of and get children watching out for signs of spring.
Families will be able to spot bluebells, catkins, blossom, birds and egg and learn about the meaning behind ‘Mad as a March hare!’ with a fun trail. In addition they’ll be cooking in the Victorian White Cottage and children’s hands-on crafts. The spring-watch themed month ends with a celebration on Easter Monday, where you can see spinning weaving and knitting demonstrated by Cleveland Fibre Arts group, sample tasty hot cross buns on the range, go on an egg hunt, mangle print your own Easter card or enjoy some children’s Easter crafts.

The Easter holiday activities take place on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays from 11am – 4pm between Tuesday 8th and Thursday 17th April. The Easter Monday celebration event takes place from 11am – 4pm on Monday 21st of April. Normal admission charges apply.

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