Monday, 21 April 2014

Egg Quiz Answers

1953 – Eggs come off rationing.

1957 – The British Egg Marketing Board begins trading in June

1957 – The British Lion mark is introduced and eggs are required to be stamped with their specific grade and packing station number.

1960s – UK egg consumption peaks at nearly 5 per person per week. 
1971 – The British Egg Marketing Board is replaced by the Eggs Authority, a statutory body.

1986 – The Egg Authority is abolished & The British Egg Industry Council (BEIC) is set up, funded by the industry on a voluntary basis. 
1998 – Delia Smith’s ‘How to Cook’ programme features a recipe for boiling the perfect egg, sparking a huge increase in sales of eggs.

2003 – The Atkins diet hits the headlines helping to boost egg sales.

2007 - New satiety research suggests that eating eggs for breakfast can help people lose weight.

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