Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Curious artefacts and classification

A visit behind the scenes at Ryedale Folk Museum reveals a wealth of artefacts which have been classified but are not yet on display.

Whenever the museum acquires new items, volunteers have to work out what it is and classify them. The document used is Social History and Industrial Classification. 

Everything which arrives at the museum is categorised.  There are four categories – Community Life; Domestic and Family Life; Personal Life; and Working Life.  Each of these are subcategorised – so within personal life is costume and within that is hats and so on…

Can anyone guess what this is….

This device was used for pigeon shooting – the pigeon is held in the box and when it is to be released, a wire is pulled which opens the box releasing the bird.  Thankfully illegal now, replaced with clay pigeons. Is that where “Pull!” comes from?

Here we have another curious artefact – Greener’s Humane Cattle Killer with helpful illustration showing how it’s used.


Finally, a very rare Tudor clock showing its hand made cogs.  This was once used as a church clock. 

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