Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Textile Exhibition In The Gallery At Ryedale Folk Museum Saturday 19th March - Sunday 8th May

Textiles exhibition gets ready to open
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Transitions by etcetera

Textiles exhibition opens at Ryedale Folk Museum on Saturday 19 March.

Opening and meet the artists -
2 - 4pm Saturday 19 March

Etcetera is a group of seven nationally and internationally exhibited textile artists based in the North of England.
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FREE admission to the art gallery.
Etcetera is a new group composed of seven nationally and internationally exhibited quilt and embroidery artists based in the North of England. Each member of the group has produced a series of works inspired by the word ‘transition’. Their personal interpretation of the theme ranges from the sociopolitical to the more physical explorations of how stitch transforms cloth.

Linda Bilsborrow is driven by colour and the interaction of shapes. She enjoys the process of combining traditional techniques with surface design and machine quilting. Her Lifeline series deals with the transitions between different life stages – the phases of our lives that we all go through but cannot really see until we look backwards.

Julie Bunter creates textile art that explores the potential of hand stitch and reflects her fascination with the manipulation of materials. Her Transition work is an investigation of the making process: the accumulation of marks and stitches and the transformations that occur as a line of thread becomes stitch, pattern, structure and language.

Helen Conway has produced a body of work that explores the process of transition as experienced by immigrants, particularly in the Brick Lane area of London. Graffiti marks observed there are used to symbolize both the changing nature of inner city spaces and the experiences migrants have in transiting from one language and culture to another.

Leah Higgins has drawn her inspirations from man-made structures and constructs. Her Transition pieces, influenced by visits to Shanghai, seeks to explore the differences between the new public face of China and the government control and restrictions that still thread through every aspect of life.

Isobel Holland explores the question ‘quilts are stationary, safe and hopefully beautiful, but what if a quilt can transform into something else?’ In her Transition pieces she has created a series of work that incorporates an element of change and challenges traditional perceptions.

Magie Relph is heavily influenced by her travels in Africa: the movement of peoples and objects across vast distances and the changes that take place along the way.

Sandra Wyman has created a series of pieces that are autobiographical and represent a time of personal transition and self discovery.

The group will hold a series of ‘meet the artist’ events on:
Saturday 19 March 2-4pm, Saturday 26 March 2-4pm, Sunday 17 April 2-4pm, Saturday 23 April 2-4pm.

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