Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Stang End

Photos showing Stang End sometime in the 1800s and also in the mid 1960s.  The house was originally built Danby. It was taken apart stone by stone and begun to be moved to the museum in May 1966 where it was rebuilt and restored by 1967/8.   It mow appears how it would have been in 1704.  At some point in its history, it was extended from one room shared with animals to a house with a forehouse (living-room and kitchen), dairy and bedroom.
Stang End, Danby. 1800s

Some parts of Stang End had become derelict by the mid 60s.

Lintel showing date - 1704

The long process of taking Stang End apart and relocating to the museum.
A fascinating record of one of the museum's finest houses.